Broxburn Farm

In 1994 Paul & Hilda de Jonge purchased 80 acres five kilometres east of Lethbridge, 1km south of Highway 3 on the Broxburn road. The farm provided a home, but also was planned for a U-pick operation. In 1996 a small greenhouse was built to grow peppers. In 2001 a larger greenhouse went into operation and tomatoes and cucumbers were added to the mix. In 2002 they remodeled a barn for the purpose of a storefront and café. In June 2004 the café was officially opened. Today land is rented for crop rotation to keep the home fields in top condition. The years between brassica crops forage is grown. This minimizes the seeding out of weeds.

Farm Fresh Produce

At Broxburn Vegetables we pride ourselves in growing superior quality field and greenhouse fruits and vegetables. We presently operate a 3 acre greenhouse that is heated by two natural gas boilers.
In the greenhouse we grow crops the biological way; meaning that we introduce natural predators instead of spraying chemical pesticides to kill the pests. The most common pests found on peppers are aphids. The predators are purchased from around the world and introduced into the greenhouse on a weekly basis.

We choose our variety of tomatoes carefully so that the customer gets the maximum flavour. Harvesting vine ripened tomatoes daily ensures mother natures best benefit. We also grow long English cucumbers, mimi cucumbers, eggplant, beans and butter head lettuce in the greenhouse. Harvest in the greenhouses starts in February with mini cucumbers and continues until December when we clean out the greenhouse and put in the new crop.


We are now offering $7.99 delivery and free delivery on orders of $50 or more! Your safety is our #1 priority! Please go to our Produce Availability page under FARM to see our selection. Deliveries are in Coaldale and Lethbridge only.  Orders must be placed by Monday at 4 PM for Tuesday afternoon delivery, and Thursday by 4 PM for Friday afternoon delivery. All orders must be paid by credit card over the phone. You must be home when we delivery your order. Looking forward to serving you in this way!

U-Pick Operation

Our primary field U-pick crops are strawberries and raspberries. The ever bearing strawberries produce extremely sweet berries right up to the first killing frost. This often is later in September or sometimes in October. The cool prairie nights contribute to the sweetness of the berries. Further, we grow cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, onions, pumpkins, zucchini, squash, kale, asparagus, artichoke and herbs.

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