Curating different events is something we at Broxburn Cafe are very passionate about. If you are not sure how the catering process works here is an easy step-by-step guide to give you a hand:

Step 1) Email us at and inquire

Step 2) We will respond to your inquiry and attach our catering price list and options.

Step 3) Let us handle all the work

It is that simple. Our events staff as well as our chef work with you directly to ensure your event goes smoothly. Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, Christmas party or even a wedding. We are there to help guide you in making the right decisions for your event.

We offer both on-site and off-site catering and will help you decide which option is the right choice for your event, Our wood-burning Forno Pizza Oven is also available as a catering option along side buffet style meals and plated course dinners.

Forno Oven Catering

Our Forno Oven is available as a catering option for both off-site and on-site events. Email us at for more details.