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Red Pepper Soup (Frozen)


1 L. Ingredients: Roasted red peppers, water, onion, red wine vinegar, honey, salt.

Greidanus Honey


1 kg of natural, raw, unpasteurized honey. Locally produced and harvested near Granum. Used as a natural sweetener and has many known health benefits.

Peach Marmalade


Ingredients: strawberries, raspberries, saskatoon berries, sugar, sour cherries, pectin, water.

Broxburn Coffee Beans


Roasted by Noble Tree Coffee in High River, Alberta, the Broxburn Blend coffee beans are hand picked and boldly roasted. Noble Tree Coffee ethically source their beans from Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nicaragua,...

Cream of Tomato Soup (Frozen)


1 L Ingredients: Smoked tomatoes, onions, cream, white wine, sugar, salt - No salt option is available as well

Van Garderen Buckwheat Flour


Stoneground flour. Gluten-free flour.