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Broxburn Crushed Salsa


Ingredients: Tomatoes, onions, green peppers, jalapenos, vinegar, roasted garlic, salt.

Red Pepper Soup (Frozen)


1 L. Ingredients: Roasted red peppers, water, onion, red wine vinegar, honey, salt.

Vegetarian Eggplant Stew (Frozen)


1 L. Ingredients: Onions, roasted garlic, pickled green beans, carrots, green pepper, corn, roasted tomatoes, red potato, eggplant, spaghetti squash, rose wine, spices. Vegetarian and gluten-free

Smoked Tomato Soup (Frozen)


1 L Ingredients: Smoked tomatoes, onions, cream, white wine, sugar, salt - No salt option is available as well

DenBok Family Farm Raw Unpasteurized Honey


600 g or 1.25 kg of natural, raw, unpasteurized honey. Locally produced and harvested near Lethbridge. Used as a natural sweetener and has many known health benefits.

Peach Marmalade


Ingredients: strawberries, raspberries, saskatoon berries, sugar, sour cherries, pectin, water.

Broxburn Red Sauerkraut


Ingredients: Red cabbage, salt, fennel seed.

Saskatoon Jam


Ingredients: Saskatoon berries, sugar, pectin, water, lemon zest and juice

Pickled Spicy Peppers


250 ml. Ingredients: Bell peppers, vinegar, onions, salt, cayenne, mustard seed, turmeric

Broxburn Roasted Garlic & Onion Tomato Sauce


Ingredients: Tomatoes, red wine, roasted garlic, onion, vinegar, sugar, salt. black pepper.

Broxburn Red Onion Marmalade


250 ml. Ingredients: Red onions, brown sugar, saskatoon berry juice, black pepper, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, red wine, apple cider vinegar.

Smoked Peach Hot Sauce


250 ml.  Pickled chilies, jalapeño, smoked peaches, tomato, onion, sugar, salt, garlic, and seasoning.  Made at Broxburn Vegetables. 

Roasted Red Pepper Jelly


250 ml.  Made with Broxburn's red bell peppers. Served best on crackers. 

Van Garderen Buckwheat Flour


Stoneground flour. Gluten-free flour.

Sweet Pepper Relish


Ingredients: Bell peppers, vinegar, onions, salt, pectin, mustard seed, turmeric

Broxburn White Sauerkraut


500 ml. Ingredients: White cabbage, salt, honey, fennel seed.

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